equine superficial muscles
gray thoroughbred

Applying these techniques can help increase your horse's performance, reduce
muscle restrictions, help horses that have stress and anxiety problems,
decrease equine behavior problems and possibly help to improve your horse's
immune system which can help with equine health related issues.

Equine Massage Therapy Techniques

Vibration is used to affect your horse's muscles
and joints that are below the superficial tissue.

There are two main ways you can apply vibration
to your horse's body. You can apply vibration in a
superficial way to stimulate or soothe your
horse's Nervous System. Or, you may use it
more deeply to break up restrictions and

Vibration is a good way to relax your horse since
it will quickly relax your horse, putting him into
the Parasympathetic state.

You may use it anywhere you wish, but is useful
to use on areas that you can not really massage
such as joints and swollen areas.
Not only is vibration good to use on swollen or stressed joints, it is great for horses who have problems with
arthritis. The vibration will help to soothe and relax the area helping the horse's joints to feel better and possibly
relieve some of the pain.

You may use fingers, thumbs, palm of hand, fist, whatever you would like to apply vibration.

First place your hand (or whatever you choose) on your horse and make your hand "tremble". Try to use your
whole arm into your shoulder to cause the vibration. Vibration will cause you to tire quickly, so use it sparingly.
Remember that the lighter it is, the more relaxing it is. And, the deeper it is, the more stimulating it is.

If you are trying to break up scar tissue, you will want to combine vibration with
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