My Newest Assistant
I guess the title of this story should be "Never say never." As we went for the ride, the horse I had chosen
started being very pushy and reared a little. I knew that I could handle him, but this was supposed to be a horse
that my husband (who doesn't really ride) could use to go for a ride with me sometimes. Just as I was making
the decision that "Baxter" was not going to work out, my husband goes cantering by on Traveller saying, "I like
this horse, I can steer him and everything".

Now, if you know my husband, the fact that he can "steer" this horse is a big deal in itself. But, to be "steering"
him and cantering - that was unheard of!!!

We went back and talked with the lady about coming back the next day. I asked her what his name was. When
she told me it was Traveller, I thought it was so funny. To have one horse that looked like Traveller and another
one named Traveller! I decided it was a sign.

So, we decided to come back the next day to ride him again, look him over, etc. The lady says we are allowed
to bring a vet, farrier, friends, anyone we would like. She has nothing to hide and has a good reputation. So that
makes me feel a little more comfortable. (And I made her write that I could trade him back in, just in case.
Better safe than sorry.)

I went home and called the man where Que is boarded to make sure he can take another horse - which he can.
So, the next day we were off to see him again.

This time, I ride him. I take him out on a trail by himself. I do things that might make him nervous. I basically do
anything I can think of to see if he has any big behavior problems. He passed all the tests with flying colors.

So, we made an agreement to buy him and have him delivered
the next Saturday.

The trailer showed up early and we unloaded him and brought
him into the barn. It was then that I realized just how skinny he
was. Realized that his gums were white and he was probably
anemic. Start to wonder how he ever carried around my husband
(who is 6'2") and at a canter no less - without falling over.

This picture was taken at the farm where we bought him. See
how sad and skinny he looked? What was I thinking? As I said,
I am one of those people that will take in animals a lot of people
probably won't bother with.

We started making jokes about how that even when I pay good
money for a horse - I still get a "rescue". I always say,
"Somehow they just find me."
My three shelties are rescues, too.

Aren't they cute?

I don't regret buying Traveller though. He is really sweet and seems to be intelligent. He learns very quickly. He
is a goofball though, but I find him entertaining (well, most of the time anyway). He has been gaining weight
fairly quickly and seems to be feeling a lot better. Unfortunately, this means he is not quite as "quiet" as we
thought he was. But he is coming along quickly and has a very pleasing personality.

He's an appendix QH - which I don't quite understand because he is 3/4 Thoroughbred and only 1/4 QH. He is 6
years old and I prefer to call him chestnut instead of sorrel since I prefer dressage. He likes to put things in his
mouth - which you will probably see in the videos.

You will have to overlook his forelock. Someone practically cut it off before we bought him and it is growing
back, so he looks a little silly until it does. But he is very cute. He has a way of looking at you with eyes that
say, "Is that OK, did I do that right?". He is a very pleasing horse. However, I am starting to find some quirky
little things that he needs training for. I am planning to video these training sessions and include them in another
website I am going to make about clicker training.

I hope you will be able to learn some things by watching me work with Traveller. Because of the state he was in
when we bought him, he seems to have quite a few muscle problems that I need to work out.
Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended
to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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Here is the newest addition to my family. His name is
Traveller. I found this ironic - Que looks so much like
General Lee's horse, Traveller (from the Civil War) that
people have bought me books and even the Breyer horse of

We actually went to look at a different horse. The lady that
had them for sale said that she thought that a sorrel gelding
that she had sounded perfect for my husband and me. She
said he really wasn't for sale yet, but she wanted us to look
at him anyway. He had just come to her farm and she was
trying to fatten him up and get him healthy again. She said
he actually came from a really nice farm downstate that
only had expensive horses. They had put him out to pasture
and kind of forgotten about him.

Boy, had they ever!!! From the first second that I saw him, I
dismissed him as a possibility. He was sooooo skinny, was
obviously full of worms, and walked kind of funny (probably
due to lack of nutrition). But, we were going for a ride to test
out the other horse and needed something for my husband
to ride. "Fine", I thought, "but I am not interested."