How to Provide a Safe Environment During
an Equine Therapy Session
Making sure that you have a safe environment during an equine therapy session is very important. Be aware of
the fact that horses can react "out of character" during a session due to pain or discomfort. Please follow these
safety tips to help keep you and your horse safe.

Tip #1:

Work with your horse in a large open area such as a barn aisle or arena. Working in a stall or narrow space
makes horses feel confined and crowded. It also interferes with using
Proper Body Mechanics. Or, worse, you
can end up pinned against the wall with no where to go.

There are some people who will tell you to work on a
horse in it's stall. The only time I do this is if the stall is
of a larger size - at least 12x12 -
and I trust the horse.

Horses can react to the therapy you are applying in
ways you might not expect due to pain reactions. Until
you get to know the horse's reactions to therapy, be
extremely careful.

Tip #2:

Try to work on your horse at a time when the barn is quiet. You may wish to play some soothing music. Make
the atmosphere one of relaxation. Keep your voice low and soothing.

Tip #3:

Make sure the area you are working in is free from objects that you or your horse can step on or trip over. Make
sure there are no nails or hooks on the wall in case your horse moves into the wall.

Tip #4:

Keep small pets away from the area. They could get underfoot. Or, they may startle the horse as he is trying to

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