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Equine Myofascial Release
Equine Myofascial Release along with Equine Massage Therapy is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to
improve your horse's comfort and performance.

Equine myofascial release techniques will release fascial tissue to allow your horse's body to work at it's
highest potential. Myofascial release (as well as
direct pressure techniques) is, in my opinion, the best way
to correct structural problems in your horse.

Many people will use
equine chiropractic to help structural problems in their horse. What they don't know is
that chiropractic can only affect the bone structure by moving the bone.
Equine myofascial release will help move the bone by addressing the actual problem which is the soft tissue
(muscle, tendon, ligament). The bone is a slave to the muscle. It can only move if the muscle tells it to move.
And, it can only be where the muscle allows it to be.

If you move the
bone, but the horse's muscle is still tight, the muscle will pull the bone back "out of place".
Did you ever wonder why chiropractors want you to come so often in the beginning stages of therapy? It is
because the muscle (which still has a problem) will continue to pull on the bone. Or if it is caused by tension
(tight back), the muscles will continue to be tight and cause problems. By moving the bone often enough, you
will hopefully change the muscle - eventually. Why not just go to the source of the problem - the soft tissue?
I want you to know that I do think there are times when equine chiropractic is
definitely necessary. I am by no means trashing equine chiropractors (at least
not the good ones). I have used one on my own horse before becoming an
equine therapist. And I have been to a chiropractor myself. What I am saying
though is that I think a lot of people are using chiropractic to "solve" what is
really a soft tissue problem.

I have clients who have had little to no luck with equine chiropractors and I am
able to make a huge difference in just a few sessions. Now, this is not
necessarily because the equine chiropractor was bad, it could be because the
problem was not really a chiropractic problem to begin with.

I find most problems with horses are not chiropractic problems at all. And, I find
that most people do not understand the difference between equine chiropractic
and equine myofascial release.
Due to the fact that myofascial release is a little more complicated for the average person than equine massage, I feel
I really need to take some time to do this topic justice. So, I will be continuing to add to this section at a later date.

In the meantime, I have found some
articles about myofascial release from the John Barnes Institute - John Barnes
is the expert on myofascial release.

Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended
to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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