Clicker Training
More Than Just Tricks
One thing I would like to make clear is that
clicker training for your horse is for more than
just tricks.

I think that many people think that clicker
training is not really a serious horse training
method. This is not true.

Clicker training is actually based on scientific
research. It is becoming more widely known by
horse trainers and is being incorporated into
training programs in all disciplines.

Clicker training can be used:

to make your horse a better riding partner

to make your horse more confident.

to help him overcome emotional problems.

to help him to overcome fear of objects.
You can use clicker training to teach horses advanced riding movements such as shoulder-in, half-pass,
etc. You can use it to teach them to stand quietly while mounting. The list is endless.

Whatever you want your horse to do can be taught using clicker training.

I know some of you are thinking you can train your horse these things without clicker training. That is true
- you can.

So then, why would you want to use clicker training? Some of the reasons to use clicker training is:
to speed up the learning process

make training more easily understandable for your horse

to cut down on frustrations you have in your training

to increase the bond between you and your horse.
Clicker training can help abused horses overcome fear, it can help over-reactive horses learn to have self control,
and it can be used to help train foals without stress from some of the traditional methods of horse training.

This is only a partial list. There are many other reasons to use clicker training with your horse. I am sure you will
come up with your own reasons if you just give it a try.

Clicker training is not for everyone. But, if you think it might be for you, let's move onto the next lesson -
Learning Theory

To see equine clicker training being used during a riding lesson, please watch the videos below. The instructor and
student discuss how positive horse training has helped a difficult horse overcome some of his problems to being
able to score a 9 on a dressage test.

During the lesson, they are working on flying lead changes. The top video is part one and the bottom video is part
two of the same lesson.

I hope this will give you some ideas of how equine clicker training can be used for more than just tricks.

Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended
to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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