Mental and Emotional Benefits
of Equine Therapy
As mentioned earlier, equine massage and
alternative therapies help move the horse from
a stressed state to a state of relaxation by
making changes in the
Autonomic Nervous

This change allows the horse to release
tension and anxiety. I think you will agree that
a relaxed, anxiety free horse is much easier to
work with.

Some horses (and people for that matter)
seem to get stuck in the Sympathetic state
and are always uptight. By helping them to
learn to move from the
(stressed) state to the
(relaxed) state your horse will become a
calmer, more relaxed partner.
Now, I am not saying that your horse will automatically change overnight - and I am not saying that your horse
will suddenly have a completely different personality. But, I am saying that your horse will learn to be more
willing and cooperative due to the fact that he is calmer and more relaxed. He will be more ready to respond to
your training efforts (Parasympathetic state) rather than be stuck in the
"fight" or "flight" mode, (Sympathetic

During some alternative equine therapies such as
Equine Myofascial Release and Equine Energy Therapy ,
horses can experience an emotional release. This release is called a
Somatic Emotional Release. Since this
is a somewhat in depth subject, I will discuss it more during the lessons on these therapies.

Another wonderful benefit of equine therapy is the bond that it will create (or strengthen) between you and your
horse. If you have problems with your horse that are creating a void between you, I believe equine therapy to be
one of the best ways to cross that bridge. And, you might figure out the reasons behind some of the problems
along the way.