Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses
By Jack Meagher
"Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses" by Jack Meagher is a wonderful instructional book and reference manual
for equine sports massage therapy aka. equine stress point therapy.

Jack Meagher is the pioneer in
Equine Sports Massage. I believe he is the one that actually coined the phrase
"sports massage". He was the sports massage therapist for two United States Equestrian Teams as well as many
other professional athletes. He served the USET at the Montreal Olympics as well as many other World
Championships here and abroad.

Jack has attended two massage therapy schools as well as a physical therapy school. He received the USET
Certificate of Acheivement and was the first recipient of the Dr. Marty Simensen award.

The following is taken from the back of the book:

25 Common Muscular Problems
Their Cause, Correction, Prevention
The amazing, single pressure point therapy,
developed by sports therapist Jack Meagher,
that has helped hundreds of athletes in virtually
every sport.

He then goes through the stress points one by one providing a drawing of each
one and how to locate it. He gives examples of how your horse may react to
palpating the stress point, the movement problems your horse may be
exhibiting, as well as how it will feel to the therapist. He then gives detailed
instructions on how to treat the stress point and also lists the muscle action for
each of the muscles addressed.

I think this is a book that just about any horse person would benefit from
reading. You would be able to help your horse with just the information in this
book. However, if you are looking for a more in-depth study of the various
equine massage techniques or more information on equine anatomy and
, you would probably want to get this book in addition to a more
thorough equine massage book.

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I really like this book. It is straight forward and easy to follow. I will sometimes use this book to show my clients
what is bothering their horse. I also use the stess point chart along with my photonic (LED) light to help loosen
tissue prior to therapy.

I think Jack Meagher does a good job of explaining
equine movement and compensation patterns. Since this
book is basically equine sports massage, he only describes how to apply two massage techniques:
Cross-Fiber Friction. He discusses the various equine stress points and provides a chart of the 25 points that
he considers the most problematic.
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to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
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treatment needed for your horse

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