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Horse Rescue Stories
As someone who takes in rescue animals myself, I
am a sucker for a good, heart-warming story of how
someone came along to save an animal that
someone else discarded, abused, neglected, or
sent to the auction, etc.

So, I thought I would share my stories and hope
that some of you would be moved to share your
stories as well.

As this site grows, I hope to also have a directory of
horse rescues across the US and possibly abroad
as well.

So, with that introduction, let me introduce you
My Fuzzy Family
Over the years, I have obtained a little family of animals that either came directly from a rescue organization, or
just had a sob story that made me want to reach out and help them. They are my family, along with my
husband. I couldn't imagine not having any of them. Even though they have been more challenging than buying
an animal with less problems, I have learned more from them than I could have ever imagined. Some how, I
think you even love them more because of all you have been through together.

They are the reasons for this website, so I thought you might like to meet them.

This is Que. He had a pretty rough life before I
bought him. So, technically, I guess he may or
may not be a rescue, but I think he is. To learn
more about Que's story, please see his page
by using this link:

Que's Story

This is Traveller. He is my newest member of
my family. This picture was taken of him at
the farm where we bought him. He was
soooo skinny.

He looks much better now and I will have to
get a picture of him looking pretty very soon.
To learn more about Traveller's story, you can
also read it by using this link:

Traveller's Story
My Other Rescues:
These are my three Shelties - Teddy, Dusty, and Missy.
The two boys came from the West Michigan Sheltie
Rescue and Missy came from a breeder that many of the
dogs at the rescue comes from (so they say that she is a
rescue also). I won't go into all of their stories right now,
but I will say that the 2 from the rescue actually have less
problems than my little girl who came from the breeder.
So, I guess that proves that being a rescue animal does
not make them a bad animal.

If reading about my little family has inspired you to share a story of your own,
please click here.
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to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
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treatment needed for your horse

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