History of Clicker Training
So, where does clicker training come from?

Believe it or not - dolphins.

Dolphin trainers realized that they were not
able to tell a dolphin what to do. So, they
needed to find a way to make the dolphin want
to participate in the training. After all, a dolphin
can just swim away. You can't really tie up a

Dolphin trainers began to think of ways to train
a dolphin by using
animal learning theory to
their advantage. They taught the dolphins to
associate a whistle with being rewarded with a

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Soon they were able to get the dolphins to understand that if they performed certain behaviors, the trainers
would sound the whistle and they would get a reward. As training went on, they were able to get the dolphins to
do harder and more complicated behaviors.

This was the beginning of clicker training.

More to come!!

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