Fitness in Motion
Keeping Your Equine's Zones at Peak Performance
by Ava Fick, DVM
"Fitness in Motion" by Ava Frick, DVM with Barbara Hethcote is one of the newest books that I have
purchased, so I have not had a chance to completely read this book, but I still wanted to share my opinion about it
so far.

Dr. Ava Frick is a licensed, practicing veterinarian who specializes in
Equine Chiropractic and animal
rehabilitation, as well as the subjects of fitness and pain management.
The following is taken from the back of the book:

Stretching Exercises and Massage
, pain management specialist Dr. Ava Frick
teaches horse owners to understand muscle tone and
overall equine health.

This guide includes more than thirty exercises to
strengthen, stretch, and increase mobility in the
horse's muscles and joints, is illustrated with full-color
photographs, and addresses how to provide exercise
therapy to correct specific injuries and ailments. A
holistic approach to horse care, this book also
identifies signs of injury or sickness, advising when to
seek medical help.

Dr Frick's unique, holistic, and complete system will
help prevent injuries in the sound horse or help the
injured horse come back to wellness and fitness in a
safe and pain free way.
As I have mentioned, this is a fairly new book for me and I have not read it word for word yet, but so far, I really like

It would be a very good book for the average horse owner who would like to help their horse with physical problems,
or as a preventative measure.

When they say it has color photographs, they were not kidding. The whole book is one photo after another. Each
section gives detailed instructions on why you would use that particular technique, how often, what area is being
affected (naming the muscles), how to tell if the therapy is working, and when you should discontinue using the
particular technique.
This book includes equine massage techniques, equine stretching
, and even goes over some acupressure points.

One of my only complaints would be that I think some of the pictures
show the therapist in a "not so great" position (safety wise). I don't totally
agree with everything in the book, but overall I do like it.

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