Equine Stretching Exercises
I have been surprised by the amount of peope who come to my site looking for equine stretching exercises. I
don't think that many people really realize that stretching is actually one of the ways that you can -
unintentionally - harm your horse. I have seen many people do what I think they consider "stretching", thinking
they are helping their horse - when in fact they may be causing muscle problems.

I have seen way too many people grab their horse's leg, give it a quick, hard yank and then drop the foot - hard -
back onto the ground . They usually do this
before riding while their horse's muscles are still cold - which can
do more harm than good.
But honestly, even if the horse was warmed up, this really isn't stretching. I don't
really understand just what it is that they think this is supposed to do?!?!?

If you are one of these people - Please stop this nonsense immediately!!! You are
NOT helping your horse. You may actually be doing him harm.

I have not had a chance to write instuction on the proper way to stretch your horse. I
will try to get to that very soon. The sections I have finished so far are:
I am sorry I have not had time to get to instructions of how to perform stretching exercises - I will try to get to
this soon.

In the meantime, check out
Range of Motion Exercises for Your Horse. Range of motion exercises are not
as "popular" as stretching. But I think that may be because most people don't really know about them.

One of the great things about range of motion exercises is that there is less possibility of over-stretching a
muscle so in some ways they are safer than stretching exercises. The benefits of ROM exercises are similar to
that of stretching. They are a great way to increase your horse's suppleness and flexibility.

Range of motion exercises are also great for a warm up or to use prior to stretching exercises.

I urge you to at least take a look and give them a try.

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Until I get a chance to make videos about equine stretching, I have found this video by Dr. Joanna Robson
on how she stretches a horse. This video is for stretching the front legs of a horse.