Equine Therapy Video Library
Coming Soon!!!
Soon you will be able to learn even more about
equine massage and alternative therapy by
watching horse videos online!!! In the very near
future, Equine Education Connection will be
offering you exclusive access to a growing
Equine Therapy Video Library.

Something as hands-on as equine massage,
stretching, and other bodywork can be difficult to
really understand from a written description and
a few photos. Videos are the next best thing to
being able to learn in person.

Videos help you to see the movements in
action, see how the horse reacts to the therapy,
show you the proper way to apply the strokes,
etc, etc.
Trying to find places to go to learn more about equine
massage or other equine therapies can be difficult.
Maybe you live far away from a school or professional
who is teaching the subject, or maybe you just can't
take the time off to travel. Or, with today's gas prices,
maybe you are just looking for a more cost effective way
to learn more about equine therapy without all of the

I love how the combination of the internet and
Horse Videos
makes it possible to share information
that horse owners might otherwise have limited access
to. That is why Equine Education Connection is currently
working on building an Online Equine Video Library.As I
have said before, my goal is to make this information
available to everyone who is interested to be able to help
as many horses as possible.
I will be demonstrating all of the lessons presented on this website in a video tutorial format. And, as Equine
Education Connection continues to grow, so will the Video Library!!!

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