Healing for Horses
by Margrit Coates
"Healing for Horses: The Essential Guide to Using Hands-on Healing Energy with Horses" by Margrit
is my favorite book about energy techniques for horses.

I have read other books about equine energy techniques and equine reiki, but this book by Margrit is the one that I
find the most easy to read and apply the techniques from her instructions. And, it lines up with my belief system.
The following is taken from the back of the book:

Anyone can give healing to horses - to touch or
send thoughts to sick or troubled animals. Try it for
a variety of conditions and specific areas, such as a
wound. It's the most natural therapy in the world and
something the horse readily accepts. Find out how
to give healing treatments, including the essential
things to do in a session and when not to do
anything. It will bring much comfort and a sense
that your horse is connecting deep into your soul.

I was delighted to find that Margrit also believes in God
and actually has a few quotes from the Bible at the top of
some of her chapters. For those of you who have
different beliefs, don't discard this book. She does not
use the book to "preach". She mentions it in the story of
her life and has a few quotes and that is about it. My
point is, that for me, it made energy work available to
me. It made me realize that energy work comes from the
light side, not the dark side - which is what some people
were leading me to believe.

I used this book to "experiment" with my own horse and
then went on to take the Healing Touch for Animals
training. I am so glad that I did. I have had some
wonderful encounters with horses by using these
techniques (one actually laid down and took a nap in the
middle of the session!!!). I believe it does relieve them of
pain, stress, and emotional problems which in turn
affects the physical body. And, it does help to increase
the bond you will have with that animal.

I would highly recommend this book. I like her writing
style and her stories that she tells about horses she has
worked with. She does a nice job of telling the reader
how to learn to apply the techniques to horses in their
own life. Writing this review is actually making me think I
need to go back and reread this book as I enjoyed it so

She also offers music to go along with Healing therapy.
To learn more about her books and music, please
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When I wanted to learn about equine energy techniques, I had to search around a little bit to find something that
would line up with my beliefs as a Christian. I had a hard time with Reiki since it deals with being "attuned" by
another person and also uses symbols. But, I soon found Healing Touch for Animals and called to speak to people
who were using that type of energy therapy for horses. I learned from them that you can apply energy therapy by
drawing from what ever "higher power" that you believed in. Mine being God and Jesus. I noticed this book on the
recommended reading on their website and decided to purchase it and give it a try.
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