equine muscle chart
equine superficial muscle chart
equine skeletal chart
Equine Anatomy Charts
An important part of learning equine
massage therapy
is understanding the
anatomy and physiology of your
. Especially the structure of your
muscular system and skeletal

I drew these equine muscle charts and
equine skeletal chart myself to avoid
breaking any copyright laws.

They will give you an idea of what the
muscular structure and skeletal structure
of the horse looks like. Labeling all of the
bones and muscles is beyond the scope
of this website.

The anatomy charts that I currently have available are:
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Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended
to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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Understanding how the horse "works" is more important than knowing all of the names of the muscles
and bones. However, I do think it is a good thing to know the names of some of the larger muscles as
well as the names of the bones and joints. If you wish to learn this information, I urge you to purchase
a good book about equine anatomy and physiology. (See bottom of this page)