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Hello, Tina here. I am sure you are wondering who I am
and why you would trust that I know what I am talking
about. I don't blame you. You need to be careful who
you listen to. So, here is some background on me.

I have had horses for almost 30 years. I have been a
massage therapist for almost 10 years, receiving my
massage therapy training from one of the top human
massage therapy schools in the country (see below for
more about my education). I have attended multiple -
and plan to go to more - continuing education seminars
and workshops. And, I have probably read more books
and watched more videos than anyone I know. I
research anything that comes across my path. I love to

I then put this into practice with my own horses as well as client horses in my
equine therapy business. (I have many equine case studies that I plan to share
in the near future, so that you can hear about the wonderful results that you can
achieve with equine therapy.)

But, I also love to teach. This is where Equine Education Connection comes in.
My goal is to increase the awareness in horse owners of possible reasons for
problem behavior in horses. Discuss the benefits of equine therapy. And then,
to provide information and instruction for those of you who want to learn more.

Education and Experience
This only includes my horse related education. I have also attended a traditional college (only to realize that
I hate sitting behind a desk for a living) and taken other continuing education courses relating to dog therapy
and training.
Massage Therapy Training
I have always wanted to work with animals, but I am not good with needles. So, being a veterinarian was out of the
question. But, I still had a need to be involved with some form of healing and animals. I considered going to an
equine massage therapy school, but there were none anywhere close to where I lived.

As I checked into massage as a career, I was told that one of the best massage therapy schools in the country
was very near where I was living at the time. I decided to just have horses as a hobby and work with people as a
business (believing it would be more secure financially)
So, in 1999, I gave up my dream of working with
horses and attended one of the top human massage
therapy schools in the country, Health Enrichment
Center for Therapeutic Massage located in Lapeer,
Michigan. The founder, director and head instructor is
Sandy Fritz. Sandy is the author who writes many of
the books used by other schools of massage therapy
all over the United States and other countries.
Students from all over the world come to the Health
Enrichment Center to study with her.

I was very fortunate to live nearby the school during the
time I attended. I received 1000 hours of massage
therapy training. At the time, most schools were only
500 hour programs (the minimum hours needed to test
for the national certification exam). And, believe it or
not, some of the most well known equine massage
therapy schools were (and still are) only 50 hours!!!
We were the first class to EVER get to work with a
professional football team. Not just in Michigan, but
anywhere. Sandy is considered the expert in the field
of massage and I consider it a privilege to have been
one of her students.
I believe it is this background in education that has made me, what I believe to be, an excellent therapist. I do
not say this to be arrogant. I just believe a more thorough education gives you a more solid foundation to build

Once again, that is the reason for Equine Education Connection. I really believe that education is very important.
It helps you to make better decisions. Gives you more options. And helps you to understand your horse (and
yourself) better.
Continuing Education
For a few years, I worked with human clientele. I received referrals from chiropractors and also had word of
mouth advertising. I had my own horse at a training farm in Milford, Michigan where I was learning classical
dressage from some wonderful trainers (including Marina Genn). But, in the back of my mind, I still wanted to
work with animals. I had been working on my own horse and dabbling with helping friends with their horses.

In 2004, I got married and finally had the opportunity to change careers. I began attending equine therapy
training seminars and reading everything I could get my hands on. People began asking me to work on their
horses and were willing to pay me for my services. I couldn't believe it!! I was actually building a business
working with horses. My dream had become a reality.
I am constantly amazed at the changes in a horse that can be
accomplished with
equine therapy. I see horses that have been
labeled as "naughty", "stubborn", "lame" or "hopeless" change in
just a short amount of time - sometimes a noticeable change after
just one session. (although follow up visits are often needed for
further changes to be made)

After multiple of my clients telling me how much they learned from
watching me work with their horse, I really started to think more
about my second dream. To teach other people how to help their
own horse. As an equine therapist, I only see your horse during a
therapy session. No one knows your horse better than you do. You
see your horse all the time. You, as the horse owner, have the
opportunity to work with your horse on a daily basis. Who better to
be able to help them than you?
I hope the information presented on this site will help you to see your horse through different eyes. To learn
ways of helping them cope with problems or issues they may have.

Maybe you are thinking "My horse is well behaved and doesn't have a lot of issues or problems, is equine
therapy necessary?" Well, if he works hard, he still needs some relief of muscle tension. Using equine therapy
is a good way to keep your horse from acquiring a problem.

Or,maybe you are lucky like me, and have horses who have multiple issues (mental, emotional and physical)?
Equine therapy will definitely help your horse become more healthy, happy, and have less stress and anxiety.

Either way, I hope this site will help you to discover new ideas and solutions. Horses really are wonderful,
generous, willing creatures. If not, there is usually a reason. Quite often (unless your horse has suffered abuse)
there is a physical reason. And, if your horse has suffered abuse and now it has a mental/emotional problem,
equine therapy can help to break down the barriers.

Well, I guess I could go on forever...that is how much I love to talk about horses.

I hope you are enjoying your experience on Equine Education Connection. I hope you enjoy your horse as much
as I enjoy mine. And, if not, I hope the information presented here will help you to improve your relationship with
your equine friend.
Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended
to replace professional opinions or recommendations.
Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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