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Equine Massage Therapy
Positive Horse Training Methods

Information and Instruction
Equine massage therapy and alternative therapies will also help horses who have structural problems
whether from conformation or compensation patterns. It will help speed the healing process in horses
recovering from injuries. Equine therapy will also help horses who are suffering with mental and emotional
problems due to being rescued from abuse, neglect, or even harsh training methods.

Now, I am not saying equine therapy is a "cure-all", but I will say I have not found a problem yet that equine
therapy will not help improve in some way. And, I will go so far as to say I have seen some pretty amazing

I also want to say that equine massage and alternative therapies are not a replacement for qualified veterinary
care. If in doubt about a situation with your horse, I urge you to seek veterinary advice prior to applying any
therapy. There are a few cases in which certain equine therapies should not be applied until cleared by the
vet. With that said........

Please take some time to look around this site to see all the wonderful free information and instruction
offered. Then take some time to check out the
Equine Education Connection Video Library. For those of
you with more interest, these videos are the place to see equine therapy in action. I believe that since equine
therapy is so hands-on, video instruction is necessary to really understand how to apply these modalities.

Below is a short description of some of the sections. This is not a complete list so you will want to take a
look at the menu as well. Or, you can use the search box below to find what you are looking for.
Want to learn more about Equine Massage, Alternative Equine
Positive Horse Training Methods and how to help
equine behavior problems? You have come to the right

Equine Education Connection offers
FREE online information
and instruction
for the many different equine therapies that are
gaining respect and popularity today. Taught by a professional
equine therapist with almost 1100 hours of hands on
therapeutic training and years of equine therapy experience. (To
learn more about why this website is free, please read the

About EEC

On the EEC-Equine-Therapy website, you will learn how equine
massage and other alternative therapies can improve your
horse's attitude and performance. (Doesn't he look happy!!) A
comfortable horse is a happy, more willing riding partner who
has less stress and is easier to train. A horse free from
physical restrictions is more able to do his job and will have an
increase in his performance and ability.

Equine Education Connection is a new site and is constantly growing and changing. Please be patient if you
come across a topic that is unfinished or missing photos and videos. I am trying to work as quickly as I can.
I hope to get to the photos and videos as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

If you would like to be notified when these updates are made, please go to the Contact Us page.

Thanks, Tina
Where to Begin

Important information you need to know before applying equine massage or alternative therapies to horses.
Please do NOT skip this important step.

Equine Behavior and the Mind / Body Connection

Learn how equine behavior is affected by pain, discomfort, anxiety, and stress. Learn about the 5 F's of
instinctive equine behavior and how to recognize them in your horse.

Equine Safety Tips During a Therapy Session

Please follow these equine safety tips to reduce the chances of an accident during an equine therapy session.
Also includes information on contraindications for equine massage therapy.

Learn the Proper Body Mechanics for Equine Therapy

Proper body mechanics are essential when applying equine massage and other alternative therapies to horses.
Learn how to help your horse while protecting yourself from fatigue and injury.

Basic Equine Anatomy and Physiology as Applied to Equine Therapy

This is an introduction to basic equine anatomy and physiology as applied to equine massage and other
alternative therapies. Includes links to equine muscle charts and an equine skeletal chart.

So,What are the Benefits of Equine Massage and Alternative Equine Therapies?

Learn how the benefits of equine massage and alternative equine therapies influence your horse mentally,
physically, and emotionally.

Equine Evaluation - How to Recognize Physical Problems in Your Horse

Do you know how to do a thorough equine evaluation? Learn how to locate and recognize physical problems,
pain, and stress in your horse.

Learn the Basic Equine Massage Therapy Movements

Learn the basic movements of equine massage therapy including effleurage, petrissage, compression, shaking,
vibration, friction, etc. I will be including written instruction, photos and videos.

Equine Massage Schools / Equine Massage Therapy Schools

A list of equine massage therapy schools and training programs. Also a short discussion of my thoughts on the
different schools.

Range of Motion Exercises Improve Your Horse's Performance

Range of motion exercises compliment equine sports massage therapy to improve your horse's performance.
Releases stress and tension in muscles. Includes written instruction and video demonstrations.

Learn Equine Stretching Exercises Using the Proper Techniques

Learn the proper techniques to stretch your horse in this lesson on equine stretching exercises. Learn the
proper techniques to avoid causing damage to your horse's muscles (and yours too!!)

Equine Myofascial Release Techniques

Equine myofascial release techniques improve your horse's comfort and performance. Learn how equine
myofascial release can be used in place of equine chiropractic.

Equine Chiropractic, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Learn the pros and cons of equine chiropractic and alternative equine therapies that can compliment or replace
equine chiropractic treatment .

Equine Clicker Training

Learn how equine clicker training / positive horse training methods can be used to teach your horse anything -
and to help overcome horse behavior problems.

Equine Learning Theory

Ever wonder how your horse learns? Why you seem to have communication problems? Learn how your horse
learns in this section on equine learning theory.

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Consult your veterinarian for advice about any medical condition or
treatment needed for your horse

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